Sunday, March 15, 2009

Acer Buergeranum (Tall)

John gave me this trident maple in summer 2008. It hasn’t changed much since that time. It never really shot up and required much maintenance for the rest of the year.

In fall 2008 I put the tree on the ground and heaped mulch up over the pot along with a number of my other trees.

On February 21, 2009, at the first Louisville Bonsai Study Group at John’s, I repotted it into a square wooden box (approximately 12” wide x 4” deep). John helped me a lot, showing me a reliable method for tying trees down into the pot so that they are more secure and cannot be removed or tipped over. That had often been a problem area for me, and I believe that since that day I’ve been getting better at repotting.

I did little to this tree’s roots—perhaps just a little cutting back of very large roots. It has been in training for a while, so there was not a lot of major work to be done.
My soil is about ½ Turface, ¼ pine bark and ¼ chicken grit.

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