Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bonsai Sites I Like

I enjoy exploring the web and finding sites related to bonsai. I especially like when I find sites in other countries, seeing people in far away places engaged in learning or teaching or just sharing what they've experienced as it related to this hobby/art form.

Here are a couple recent finds:

Bonsai Gallery of Walter Pall
Walter Pall is in Germany, and his site is full of great images of his work. I'm amazed that he could have so much stuff, and also have time to capture it all in photos. I particularly like his emphasis on a tree appearing natural and not overly refined.

My Bonsai
This is a site set up by Croatian bonsai enthusiasts Marija Hajdić and Andrija Zokić. I have spent some time in Southeast Europe (Bulgaria), so it is a lot of fun to see bonsai growing in popularity in that region of the world. This pair seem to focus mainly on olives, and the majority of their specimins seem to be yamadori (trees collected from the wild). You'll notice some images/videos of a Walter Pall workshop.

Bonsai Farm TV
This Australian site sells stuff, but I'm mainly interested in it because of the videos that are free and easy to download. While the quality might not be perfect, the clips give me a view of Asian approaches to pottery and tree development that I might otherwise never get to see.

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